Carl BennettI am a computer enthusiast who is passionate about web development, managing infrastructure, and architecture of systems for scalability. I love to tweak, manage, and engineer computer software, which I feel can make a positive impact toward achieving business goals and improving customer relations. I believe critical thinking and design encourages better products and services.

Professionally, I am a Unix Systems Administrator for one of the top 50 in the list of Fortune 500 companies. The posts made here are my own.

Please contact me first before using my name or content in any press media.

Put simply, this is a place where I can write about any topic I feel like. I may change my opinion or grow my knowledge, which may contradict previous posts. You’ve been warned that I am the sole curator and editor of this website.

In light of social media being more invasive to privacy each passing day, I find that I am turning to independent solutions such as hosting WordPress on a server of mine instead of posting to sites like Facebook.