I got my car back today

I woke up at 5pm Sunday evening, thinking alright I’ll spend the night chatting with friends and playing games, no big deal. That night, I try to go to sleep at 3am, and I just sort of lay there in my bed until 7am rolled around, and I decided I’m not going to sleep for 1 hour until my alarm goes off. Insomnia is terrible. So, I decide since it’s Monday, before I go in to work at 9am, I’m going to go pick up my car, cause it’s ready to be picked up so why not?

Well, let me tell you. What a day today has been.

A little background: I drive a 2014 Honda Civic. I absolutely love the car since the day I picked it out and drove it off the lot. Fast forward two years later, I was hit by someone on my way to work, to the driver-side rear bumper. The damage wasn’t too bad, the car still drove and functioned as it should, and it didn’t even leak when wet, but still it needed to get repaired since there’s still payments left and there’s an insurance claim. I take it in to my local Honda Collision Center and get situated with a 2017 Toyota Corolla rental.

The Corolla only had around 6,200 miles on it when they handed the keys to me. My Civic had about 21,000 miles. There’s several reasons I chose my Civic over the other entry-level sedans like the Corolla, most of them are preference but a few things stood out immediately even on the 2017 Corolla when compared to my 2014 Civic:

  • The headlights. My Civic has halogen bulbs. The Corolla has LED bulbs. This was a huge difference I wasn’t immediately used to but enjoyed as I rode the rental for a while. LED bulbs are actually pretty neat.
  • The engine, accelerator, and brake. They’re just not the same. I don’t expect them to be, they’re two different cars after all. But, just after being stopped at a red light¬†accelerating to 35 mph, the Corolla would accelerate up to 3500 rpm easily, however my Civic would only need 1500 rpm to do the same task.
  • The rear-view back-up camera. My 2014 Civic’s camera has a HUD that aligns itself with the steering wheel, allowing ease of movement while geared in reverse. The Corolla’s camera does not have a HUD that steers with the steering wheel. In addition, the Corolla’s camera was very foggy even after rubbing and cleaning, yet my Civic has a crystal clear picture.

With that out of the way, it’s 7am, I get dressed for the day and head to the collision center to pick up my car and drop off the rental. They had the car out to me within 5 minutes, pretty speedy no issue at all. Only immediately notice one problem and that was on the driver-side rear seatbelt, the plastic chassis behind the seatbelt wasn’t clipped into the interior wall. They took it back, had it fixed within 5 minutes, and back out to me again. I give it a good look over, I’ve even been described as conscientious before. No other problems that I see. The interior smells like fresh paint, of course. The paint job looks fresh, I can tell they waxed it and put a new clear coat on. I sign the paperwork that I received the car. Cool, I have my car back! But wait, I still have to turn in the rental…

[This post was never fully drafted. It ends there. Sorry.]

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